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Originally registered on March, 08 2008, the domain registration for weeklyeconomictimes.com has recently lapsed and is currently available for registration. The site has been hosted on 18 unique servers over the past 9 years.

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How to Leverage Your Greatest Asset
Frank R. Schab
Most people think a brand is created through marketing and advertising and point to the interesting ads, impactful messages and cool designs. But successful branding goes much deeper than what customers see and hear in external communications. Think of t..more..

Discord over bonus makes rice procurement uncertain
Monowar Hossain
Discord between the rice millers and the government over the fixation of bonus on the current procurement price of rice is heading for a situation not supportive of the procurement, said market experts. They said that the rice procurement issue being very..more..

Cheaper Japanese reconditioned vehicles soon?
Shamsul Haque Basunia
Japanese reconditioned vehicles may be available in the local market at comfortable prices. Earlier the traders and the clients were concerned about the prices of such vehicles. Now the uncertainty is going to be removed, as the National Board of Revenue ..more..

Thailand to help Bangladesh develop tourism sector
Imtiaz Ahmed Back from Bangkok
Thailand will extend its total support to Bangaldesh in exploring and harnessing the tourism industry that can be a major success story like the readymade garments sector, said Pasakorn Supannapan, Director, ASEAN, South Asia and South Pacific Market Divi..more..

Quality and humanitarian approach make Hamdard remarkable: Hakim Haroon
The Unani system is considered to be the gigantic treasury of herbal medicines that are introduced as the bridge between traditional and modern medicines. Now the practitioners prescribe hamdard medicine in their routine practices for common and complicat..more..

The local telco brand leader
Mahbub Manik
A telco brand is born in Bangladesh, grows up locally and visions to be international. Yes I am talking about RanksTel-the leading local telco brand. After 90 our government adopted free market economy and as benchmark we always encouraged foreign direct ..more..

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